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Adrian Szatewicz

Your Photo Guide


My name is Adrian and I come from Poland. I am living and working in Norway since 7 years. From the beginning I was exploring norwegian beautiful landscapes, improving my photographic skills, my gear and my knowledge about the photography itself as well as scandinavian nature and culture. I also learned a lot about shooting in a very dynamic light and weather conditions which are common in Norway and especially on Lofoten Islands.

During my workshops I will lead You through the most scenic, beautiful and breathtaking locations across western parts of Lofoten Archipelago.

Each day I will share my knowledge about landscape photography. Together we will explore many different places finding interesting compositions and using different photography techniques to capture the light in the best possible way.

During the evenings we will be hunting for Aurora Borealis - I will teach You how to shoot landscapes at night and if we will be lucky - how to capture dancing green lights to have a lifetime memories and portfolio shots!

After few days we will find some time to sit together and work with Your shots, discussing the best compositions and some post-processing techniques.

I was visitng Lofoten multiple times already and I have learned how to work around the extreme weather and fast changing light to get the most of it in various locations.

Hope to see You soon!


Covid-19 update:

Due to coronavirus pandemy I had to change the rules of deposit and reservation payments details. Reservation system works as it was, deposit money will be returned to You up to two weeks before the start of the workshops. Money back for the workshops will be possible if the situation in Your country or Your health state won't allow You to travel.

If You have any more questions - don't hesitate to ask!

Available Workshops:

Colorful Autumn Time / Lofoten

Landscape Photography Workshops

9-16 October 2021

5 places available


Late Autumn & Auroras on Lofoten

Landscape Photography Workshops & Aurora Hunting

6-13 November 2021

5 places available

Workshops Details:

Place: Lofoten Islands, northern Norway, Europe

Group size: 2-5 persons  - small groups are always much more organized and I can work with everyone individually

Our base: Depending on the final size of the group and availability of accomodation options, we will be staying in a fully equipped house or bungalows in Ramberg or Reine area - to be close to our points of interest. 

Accomodation in a single and double bedrooms. 

Price: 1600 € / 1800 $ / 1450 £

Price include:

  • Transfer from/to the airport in Leknes on Lofoten

  • 7 nights in fully equipped private house or bungalows

  • Every day transport to different locations, at least two photo sessions per day (sunrise/sunset and Aurora Hunting depending of weather conditions and Aurora forecasts)

  • Food on arrival - I will make a basic grocery shopping for everyone to cover supper and breakfast in the first days of our workshops. Meals in restaurant paid extra

  • My support during every session - gear, settings, compositions, finding the best spots

  • Photo editing tips and tricks on demand

Price does NOT include:

  • Tickets to Evenes or Leknes airport

  • Food and drinks during the stay (except 'Food on arrival') - it is a self catering accommodation but You can easily buy a lot of 'ready to eat' meals which can be prepared in our kitchen fast and easy

  • Extra gear if You forgot ot lost Yours

Difficulty level: Very easy to easy - most of the locations are situated on the coastline and town areas - only wet and sometimes icy rocks and stones can be dangerous here (spikes for shoes highly recommended). We will walk away not further than 500 meters from parking area and our car. For now I am not planning to reach the mountain tops, but it can be an extra option if conditions allow.

Meals: This is a self-cathering trip, except the 'food on arrival' which I will provide in the beginning, however it is possible to order a dinner in a very good restaurant in Ramberg (Ramberg Gjestegård) where You can try local specialities, 2 course dinner costs 315-345 NOK, paid extra.

Final word: We will be shooting outdoors in a different weather conditions and the session will last 3-8 hours depending on the time of the year and light conditions. Try to take the best weather proof clothes and shoes. Full check list of recommended gear will be send closer to workshops date.


Every day we will work around the weather and light conditions. I will be monitoring the weather forecasts and inform You in advance where and what we are going to shoot next day.

In the galleries below You can see all the locations we will be visitng. During every workshops I am trying to reach some new spots and areas to have a fresh look on Lofoten, to discover new compositions and to gain more experience for future.

During the sessions I am working on my shots as well. These photographs I will use to show You my compositions and ideas on place and later - to demonstrate some post processing techniqes I use.

Remember that I am at Your service during the whole time and if You will struggle with some locations, subjects, settings, gear or any other aspect of the workshops - don't hesitate to tell me about that!

As Your guide I will do my best to feel You both comfortable and satisfied.

Reservations and payment:

To make a reservation, please contact me via this side or directly on my e-mail address: adrian.szatewicz@gmail.com



Payment methods:

Bank Transfer and PayPal, also Vipps app in Norway.

Reservation fee/ deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 3000 NOK (260 €, 300$, 240£) is required to confirm Your reservation and hold the place.

This amount will be taken from final price.

Final payment: Deadline for final payment is set to 6 weeks before start of each workshops, if You haven't paid the full amount before.

Cancellation: It is possible to cancel Your booking until 28 days (4 weeks) before starting date of workshops. Your money will be transfered back except the deposit amount.

By making this reservation You confirm that You read and understand all the informations and agree to all the Workshop's terms and conditions.

For payment in US dollars PayPal: 



or use my PayPal.me link, where You can choose currency and amount.


Customers testimonials:

'I spent some great winter days with Adrian on Lofoten in January 2020.He brought us to awesome locations and knew them all in detail. So I saw some of the places I had been before with new eyes.And he gave us some great tips for Lightroom and Photoshop too.'

Amy Fernhowe / Germany


'After catching up at work and home, I finally finished culling through my images.  As I was processing them, I could not help but realizing what an amazing trip that was.  The unique landscape at Lofoten during the winter in great light had really captivated me.  With a bit of PS magic, they really popped.  With Adrian’s guidance, we had really maximized the short time there given the weather constraints that we faced.  Thank you, Adrian!'
San Yuan / USA

'It was an awesome trip to the Lofoten Islands with Land of Light Photography. Tom and Adrian were both really helpful and were always on hand for any questions. I felt that I was able to improve on my skills and try new things due to the variety of landscape.

I would definitely recommend others to go with them to the Lofoten Islands; it was a trip that had both; the classic locations that Lofoten offers as well as some very unique spots which made the experience so much more memorable, especially when it came to the aurora on our last night there!'
Ali Ayaz / UK

'I can thoroughly recommend a workshop with Adrian. He knows the area so well and where to go in the ever changing weather conditions. I went to places and at times when I was sure there would be no photo opportunities and yet came away with images different from many that can be seen on the internet.
Adrian can take you to locations away from the normal tourist hotspots and yet still provide the full flavour of what Lofoten has to offer.
He is an attentive leader and knowledgeable photographer and offers advice which ensures you get the best out of the experience.
If ever you get the chance to book one of his workshop places I would highly recommend that you go for it. You will not regret it and will certainly come back with more skills than those you went with in all aspects of photography.
Thank you Adrian for such a memorable trip, it was a pleasure to meet and learn from you.'

June McNeil / Spain

Workshops plan:

Day 1st

Meeting at the airport in Leknes (It is possible to meet in Evenes Harstad-Narvik airport if You won't have any connection to Leknes, let me know about this in advance!), transfer to our base, introduction to workshops rules and plan for next few days, getting know and having good time by the supper.

Day 2-7

Sunrise and sunset sessions in different locations, depending of weather conditions. I will plan 1-2 days ahead to use the available light in the best possible way. I will try also to cover all the places mentioned below as well as mix different types of vistas each day. Every day we will have to work around the weather so it is possible we will have to change the plans during the day, sometimes this kind of improvisation is the only way to capture some amazing and unique moments.

Every night we will try to hunt for Aurora if the conditions allow.

Day 8th

Early morning wake up and travel back to Leknes airport (it is possible to use Evenes Harstad-Nervik airport if Your plane connections will be much better - let me know about this in advance!)

Locations and galleries:

Below You can go through the most of locations we will be visitng during our workshops.

Few important informations followed with shortcut to big photo galleries from previous years.


Skagsanden & Flakstad

Very famous beach with sand patterns which are changing during every tide, big waves and surfers, magical tide pools on the rocks, location for full-day exploration. Great for Aurora hunting but close distance from the main road and parking area make it very busy and hard to shoot in night conditions because of car lights and flashlights from other photographic groups.

In Flakstad village we have nice, wooden church.







Iconic place and village. Around the town we will visit several great photo spots, main view over the village and sea bay is a perfect location for sunrise, sunset and Aurora Hunting as well.

Good location for spending some time on shopping, visitng cafe and trying local food in restaurant.




Small location with probably most famous photo spot- view from the bridge towards Robuer houses, coastline and mountains in background.

Second great spot there is small sea harbor with fishing boats, small houses and fantastic mountains in background.

This location looks great during both sunrise and sunset, as well as evening shooting and Aurora hunting.




Large and very shallow sea bay with few very good photographic locations around. During low tide we can find famous "alien eggs" ice formations, many coastal motives, great overview on the mountains around... Good for both sunrise and sunset time.



Fantastic shoreline with many great motives, one of the most famous is "The Eye of Uttakleiv". Interesting geological formations, sea vegetation, big boulders with crushing waves, round black stones, golden sand... all of these in one location. Perfect for every session.




Small island with several interesting photo spots. Main subjects here are wooden yellow and white houses. Good view on the island from the other side of the sea bay after reaching viewpoint on the hill.

Here we can also visit shop&cafe with many local products and some lunch meals.


Vik & Haukland

Two smaller beaches on the way to Utakleiv, sand motives, small rivers, some rocks and bigger boulders. Good for sunset session.



Very quiet and moody fishing village at the end of Lofoten Archipelago - the last place reachable by car. Good place for some exploration, looking for street motives, feeling the mood of northern islands.

In the village we can visit "Stockfish" museum and learn a bit more about dried cod industry and fishing history of the island. Paid extra on place.



Shoreline near Vikten village is a real "mine" of foreground motives. Perfect photographic playground with interesting rock formations, breaking waves, sea vegetation, tide pools and much more. Good for sunset time.



Another very moody fishing village - hidden by the narrow fiord, surrounded by mountains, with characteristic red houses called Robuer. 

In village we can find restrooms and nice cafe with local products, souvenirs and something to eat.

Few nice viewpoints on the village and small sea harbor. Great place for experimenting with street photography. We can also visit small museum with the history of fishing industry on Lofoten. Exhibition is open for free.


Fredvang & Sandbotnen

Bridges in Fredvang are real architectural pearls. View on the bridges with dramatic mountains in back is one of my favourites. Open area of this location is great for using tele lens and making panoramic shots. 

Sandbotnen beach is little less popular place but thanks to that - perfect for Aurora Hunting. Sand reflections and distant mountains making this place really great for shooting Northern Lights.


Aurora Borealis

Some selected shots from succesfull Aurora Hunting taken in different locations and workshops.


Few other places...

Set of pictures from several different locations. It is normal situation that we will stop by on the way to final destination just to catch the moments of great light or other interesting subjects.



People in action

"Behind the scenes" of my workshops from previous trips.

Many different locations and sessions.