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Adrian Szatewicz

About Me and this trip:

HI to all!

I am living and working in Norway since 6 years now, since the beginning I was exploring norwegian beautiful landscapes, improving my photographic skills, my gear and my knowledge about the photography itself as well as scandinavian nature, culture and different shooting conditions.

On my workshops I will take You to the fantastic area of Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park where we will try to find and shoot ancient looking creatures called Muskox. If I have to estimate the chances of our success I would say - 90%.

This trip can be just a fast and intensive  one day hiking adventure as well as 3-day workshops, where we will visit at least two locations in Dovre and take an optional trip to one of three fantastic places in Trollheimen mountains nearby.

I was visitng this region many times already and I am sure it has a lot to offer for everyone, no matter if You are mostly wildlife or landscape photographer.

I will put all my efforts to show You the best of this fantastic region of Norway.

Hope to see You soon!


Workshops Details:

Place: Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park, 50km south from Oppdal, middle Norway

Date: Dates and workshops length to be determined after contact. Recommended seasons: spring, summer and autumn. Winter can be very snowy, extremely cold and some parts of the Dovre mountains can be unreachable without special equipment or ski. During summer time we can expect big tourist traffic on the mountain trails, animals migrate to more quiet and isolate areas.

Group size: Maximum of 3 persons (no dogs allowed)

Our base: Depending on workshops length:

- one day - we will start and go back to Trondheim the same day

- two or three days - tourist cabin near Oppdal or in Dovre area (as close as possible to our hiking destinations)

Optional activities: During our 2 or 3 days of workshops, we can also visit other beautiful spots around Trollheimen - Gjevilvatnet lake - beautiful, big mountain lake with fantastic sandy beaches, surrounded by mountains,

- Åmotan gorge - deep gorge where three rivers meets, three big waterfalls in very close hiking distance,

- Innerdalen valley - Very scenic mountain valley with big lake surrounded by fantastic mountain range.

Price: Price for the whole trip for 1-3 persons

1-day  : 3000 NOK (340$ / 260£ / 300€)

2-days: 6000 NOK (680$ / 520£ / 600€)

3-days: 8000 NOK (910$ / 700£ / 820€)

Price include:

  • Transfer from/to Trondheim or Trondheim airport - Værnes

  • 1 or 2 night accomodation with fully equipped cabin near Oppdal or Dovre mountains.

  • Full day guidance during the hike and photo shooting.

  • Coffee, tea, snacks and basic food products to the cabin (hot meals not provided)

  • My support during the landscape workshops - gear, settings, compositions, finding the best spots

  • Photo editing tips and tricks on demand

Price does NOT include:

  • Tickets to Værnes airport

  • Hot meals, extra food or drinks during workshops (except water, coffee, tea and basic food products for the cabin)

  • Extra gear if You forgot ot lost Yours

Difficulty level: During the Muskox watching as well as extra activities we will hike quite a lot but most of the trails are not very demanding. Medium or basic condition is really enough. When we will try to find Muskox, sometimes we will have to hike 10 km, some other time maybe 3 km... animals are always on move so it is hard to predict the walking distance for this workshop.

Word about clothing and conditions: We will be shooting outdoors most of the day and the weather in high mountains can be very unpredictable, sometimes extreme. Best weather proof clothing is a must! As well as good, comfortable and waterproof boots/wellies. Ground in Dovre is very often soaking wet, on the trail we can expect river crossings, a lot of mud and wet vegetation, Keep in mind to have spare clothing and shoes in the car to change directly after the hike.

Musk-Oxes: From my experience and knowledge - there are extremely rare situations when these peaceful vegetarians can attack people, however, we will stick to the National Park rules and keep the distance around 200 meters from the animals. I have visited Dovre mountains and met these beautiful creatures many times, they are very much familiar with sight of tourists and if we will be calm and careful, there is no any danger from their side. 

Photographic gear: Of course any photo camera with manual settings, full frame sensors are the best thanks to big tollerance for higher ISO speed. Tele lens is a must for this trip - 200mm lens is minimum to get good images, 600mm is perfect. Tripod - useful but in many situations not necessary. Not always is a time or conditions to set the camera on tripod to make stable shots, animals are on the move very often so we will be also.

Extra batteries, memory cards are the obvious elements of extra gear.

Reservations and payment:

To set the details of this workshops- please contact me via this side or directly on my e-mail address: adrian.szatewicz@gmail.com



Payment methods:

Bank Transfer and PayPal, also Vipps app in Norway.

Reservation fee/ deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 1000 NOK (100€, 100$, 85£) is required to confirm Your reservation and hold the place and date.

This amount will be taken from final price.

Final payment: The rest of the money should be transfered until one month before starting day.

Cancellation: It is possible to cancel Your booking until 1 month before starting date. In this case deposit won't be transfered back!

By making this reservation You confirm that You read all the informations and agree to all the Workshop's terms and conditions.