My PhotoSpot Guide - Muruvika beach, Norway

As my first post in this blog I chose to write about one of my favourite places for photo trips in the area. This will be the first of "My favourites" serie so keep watching for more soon.

I am sure that everyone of You, who are doing photography active and often, have some favourite spots or places where You like to come back from time to time. This is one of mine's.

Small town, or maybe village, is called Muruvik. Lies just between Hommelvik and Hell, on the way to airport from Trondheim, by the "old E6" road.

Muruvika is a small sea bay by the coast, which has really amazing rocky beach spread out all the way from main land to Flatholmen island

About the location:

Rocks, stones and other geological formations are the main thing which makes this place interesting for photography. All the patterns, shapes, colours and structures are great motives which can build up the foreground of our compositions and even be the main subject of the photo.

The other thing is that the beach is situated straight to the sunset direction which gives it great spot for evening photography.

On the beach we can find amazing patterns of the colourful rocks, sculptured by the sea water, many driftwood pieces, both small and large as big trees, brought by the storms and great amount of colourful round-shaped stones formed by waves.

Multiple motives for the foreground of the composition can be found in this large area of the beach.

Going forward by the sea shore we can also spot some old boathouse, wooden boats and other small beaches. During the summer time and good weather, Muruvika beach is full of people so it is not the best time for photo-outdoors... but when there is stormy, windy, cold and getting dark - this place is completely empty which makes it the perfect place to rest and enjoy the loneliness.

My prefered gear and some tips:

The most important piece in our gear should be good wide angle lens - to catch both foreground rocks and as much sky as possible in single shot.

I am using Canon EF lens 16-35mm. I am always trying to shoot in lowest possible ISO to reduce amount of noise in the picture. This can be very helpful when in post processing we want to lighten up the shadows or get out colours from black spots.

General in Landscape photography You need to know the best settings of Your lens for the highest sharpness of details in the picture and to get the largest depth of field. In my case I am trying not to go down below F8, I also avoid using more than F16. Of course even with F22 this lens is doing a great job for me.

Filters are something what You must have if You like to think about well-exposed photos. If the sun is still up and we like to shoot without ND filters - polarization is the key. To set up the best exposure performance and light balance of our shot, I recommend to use graduated ND (neutral density) filter as well. If the sky is still to bright, we can use stronger ND filter or go down with the ISO, close the shutter or shorten the exposure time, depend of what effect we want to get. I am using Cokin Z-Pro system with couple of Grad ND filters. My favourite, which is working well in most situations, is Z121M (ND6).

The picture above is a panoramic view - made from 6 single vertical shots, stitched manualy in PS.

When we like to catch the movement of the clouds, make the water smooth and light soft, we have to use Full ND filters. I always have in my backpach two - ND8 and ND1000 (big stopper). The first one is good if we like to get longer expositions on waves but it is hard to get down with exposure time more than to 3-6 seconds. If the sun is still shining we will need the other - ND1000, but the photographing technicques with this almost black filter is a subject for another blog I think.

Third most important thing is of course tripod - without good stabilization we won't get a single detailed and sharp shot in longer exposure times. Something really helpful is a remote for shutter release. This will help avoid shaking the camera when pressing shutter button and will give us more comfortable position when shooting in different position of the camera.

If You have read this please leave a like or comment as this is my first log and I all the suggestions and criticques, both good and bad, will be good sign for me to continue with more subjects and matters.

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Please share with others if You like it. Thanks for Your while and have a great day! Til next one...

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