My PhotoSpot Guide - Storfossen area, Norway

Hi everyone and welcome to my second post in "Photographic spots guide" series.

This time another place in very close area of Trondheim - waterfall Storfossen. In fact there are totally three waterfalls in close distant of each other - the biggest Storfossen, down the river Homla smaller Mettifossen and around 200 m from them - also very big but not so well exposed Dølanfossen.

River Homla flows here really fast, surrounded by forests and steep hills, most of the shore line of the river is hard to access but there are few nice spots where we can go close the water level and have a good view on the falls and water flowing between the big rocks.


The biggest of all three falls - Storfossen (Big waterfall) has about 35 meters and is the most accessible and most visited. Picture above shows this waterfall in spring time.

After heavy rains it is really impressive when we go down the narrow path and stand in the bottom, experiencing waves of mist and wind from the fall. But in the same time it is almost impossible to take any clean photo from close distance.

During winter time we can expect real magical views when all the water sprinked from the fall is freezing on surrounding rocks and vegetation creating views from other planet. Waterfall itself also can freeze almost in whole size.

During summer time is a great destination for hiking travels and short walks - from the car parking slot is around 1 km walk in the beautiful and mistery forests. Fits perfect even for kids or older persons. Not recommended for baby trolleys ;).


Smallest, loceted between the other two. Easy to access from the turist path, with nice viewing spot with wooden bench. Can be also seen from above:

And more panoramic view:

From the other side we can catch the nice view on Mettifossen together with Storfossen. Looks interesting also during winter-time:


Last but definitely not least - Dølanfossen, with two drops of water and total height of 25 meters. Quite har to reach the waterfall view from the bottom as there is no clear path leading there, but of course it is possible to get there.

Footpath in this area is steep and can be slippy so be careful during winter time or after rain!

As the other two - also this one present itself amazing during wintertime, when the water creates icy scultures on the rocks around and the river below...

My prefered gear and some tips:

When I am planning to shoot water like flowing streams, rivers, falls - it is always great to have any ND (neutral density) gray filters. I love the effect of flowing water from long time exposure shots but in many cases also fast shooting of water gives it more dynamic and dramatic look.

Moody, soft, "misty" look of the water we can get from exposure longer than 1 second. Longer exposure we will use - more smooth water we will get. Nice to experiment on place with different exposure times to get many different effects.

If we are thinking of using ND filters we have to use also stable tripod - something "must have" in our equipment for almost all photographic trips.

Lenses - I think that any bigger tele-lens than 200mm won't have any use in this location. Hard access to the water, narrow valley, surrounding forrest - all of this can be nicely catched only with wide lanses. 16mm or 17mm is perfect for it, Maybe also some experimenting with fisheye can do the trick but personally I dont like the strong distortions from this type of lenses.

Last thing worth mentioning is dry lens cloth - not one but 2 or 3 is minimum... Between shots we will have to dry the lens really often.

Shooting the waterfall from below will make us and our equipment totally wet so few dry tissues and water-proof clothes are really useful.

Don't forget the Polarizing filter - always good for the water, extra memory cards and fully loaded batteries as the long time exposure shooting is eating quite a lot of energy.

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